Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Habakkuk Trust Information Department

Bulawayo residents have vowed that they will not vote for a draft constitution that does not guarantee the devolution of political and administrative power to the provinces.

According to a survey conducted by Habakkuk Trust Information Department on the 14th of March 2012, residents from across the City said they wanted devolution of power to be in the constitution and will vote ‘no’ for a draft constitution that does not have devolution of power. ‘When people went for the Copac Outreach process, they spoke openly that they want devolution of power and Copac and the Government of Zimbabwe should ensure that devolution is given to the people’, said Mr. Joseph Ndlovu from Nketa. His sentiments were further echoed by Ms Siboniso Mabhena from Makokoba who observed that ‘without devolution of power, there is no need for a new constitution’.
Mr. Vusumuzi Mpofu from Entumbane refused that devolution of power will divide Zimbabweans on ethnic lines saying ‘the truth is that currently Zimbabweans are heavily divided along tribal and ethnic lines. Devolution of power seeks to address the root causes of what has divided us’. This was supported by Miss Glenda Ncube from Gwabalanda who also observed that ‘devolution is a form of healing and I don’t see it dividing people at all’. A Sizinda resident, Ms Ethel Banda reiterated that ‘it is not cast in stone that devolution will divide people’ suggesting that since the centralized system of government have proven to promote tribalism and racial discrimination maybe devolution can be the solution to the problem.

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