Thursday, October 9, 2008


Habakkuk Trust held a two-day advocacy training workshop in Emakhandeni, one which saw 43 participants receiving certificates and the formation of an Action Team in the area.

The advocacy-training workshop was carried out after the Habakkuk Trust Engagement Team (E-Team, a team of field officers who do consultative work on the ground) went to the area and identified participants from various interest groups.

The participants were trained in citizenship, advocacy, local governance, lobbying and mobilization. The second day of the workshop began with a quiz session for the participants as a recap of the lessons learnt on the first day.

The participants then carried out-group work in which they identified a local level issue and explained how they would carry out the advocacy process. This they did by applying the skills that they had learnt on advocacy and steps involved. These 4 groups all identified the issue of water shortage as a major concern in their community and were quite encouraged to know that Habakkuk Trust will be holding a community Indaba on this issue.

An Emakhandeni Action Team was then elected by the participants amongst themselves in the various interest groups that they represent. These include churches, women’s group, youths, home based care, orphan care, support groups, residents association, and informal traders. The workshop was crowned by the certification ceremony in which the Local Councilor officiated. Eight of the participants also received certificates of excellence.

Emakhandeni becomes the 12th ward to benefit from the Local Level Advocacy Programme in Bulawayo, adding to the pool of citizens taking an active role in the decision making processes of their locality.

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