Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tsholotsho Community Fuming Over Leaders' No Show

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Tsholotsho leaders yesterday revealed their in co-operative attitude inciting resentment from villagers .Two M.P’s representing Tsholotsho North and South, Professor Jonathan Moyo (ZANU-PF) and Maxwell Dube (MDC) respectively, snubbed a crucial meeting with community leaders on Tuesday. The meeting sought to discuss how local villagers benefit from natural resources The Senator for Tsholotsho Believe Gaule managed to attend the meeting which was also attended by traditional leaders, Councillors, Habakkuk Trust Action Team members, CAMPFIRE project leaders and community stakeholders.

Villagers were annoyed by the absence of their Members of Parliament from a Public Dialogue Meeting organised by Habakkuk Trust in Tsholotsho. The local authority’s Acting Chief Executive Officer and District Administrator Mr Themba Moyo was among the invited leaders who did not turn out for the meeting.

‘If leaders fail to come to meetings of such magnitude, what would be the meaning of that?’ said one Mr Moses Moyo, an Action Team Member for Tsholotsho Ward 5.

Mr Moyo who was supposed to make a presentation focusing on the Local Authority’s legislature on natural resources and how the community can benefit from them when contacted to answer for his absence he simply said he had forgotten about the meeting.
‘By the way that meeting is today, I will send someone to take minutes on my behalf,’ Moyo said.

However his representative gave a brief presentation on the issue though she left important aspects of the topic and generally, the attendants felt robbed because these are their leaders and they should be always accountable to the public.
‘This is where communication breakdown starts because the CEO was supposed to be here to answer to some of the questions that the community has about the Campfire dividends,’ said the ward five Councillor Paul Ndebele.

The public invisibility of Political leaders is seemingly a cancerous habit that has swept through most of the current crop of leaders in Zimbabwe and these leaders only become visible when its election time as they would be aiming at mobilising supporters. So as to use them then dump them soon after getting their much needed votes.

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