Tuesday, September 8, 2009


By Khumbulani Maphosa (Assistant Information Officer)

The Bulawayo City Council has granted permission to a private electronics company to install a solar powered traffic control light in the Central Business District.
According to the latest Council minutes, the company, BMG Traffic Control Systems (Pvt) Ltd wrote a letter to the council requesting to install a demo traffic light. The demo traffic light was tested in Harare and the idea was positively received.

This new development may help to alleviate the high levels of traffic chaos at intersections which is usually as a result of mal-functioning traffic lights caused by ZESA electric power outages and load-shedding. The Council decision also comes after the Habakkuk Trust recommended to the council and other stakeholders in September 2008 at the Energy Indaba that there is need to venture in other sources of energy to address challenges faced as a result of electricity shortages.

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