Monday, August 3, 2009

Councilors need capacity building:Chamber Secretary

By Khumbulani Maphosa

The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) Chamber Secretary has revealed that Councilors are in dire need of capacity building on basic governance and advocacy issues, to enable them to execute their duties properly, effectively and efficiently.

Mrs S Zhou revealed this information during a meeting that was held on the 30th of July at the BCC. The meeting was between the BCC and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) working in the city.
Mrs Zhou said since the Council gets new Councilors almost every four years, it is important that they are equipped with knowledge and the capacity to be able to address the grievances of the community. Their lack of skills causes them to confuse technical and administrative issues.
She urged NGOs to see the need for capacity building of Councilors as one of the partnership opportunities between the Council and NGOs working in Bulawayo.

The objectives of the meeting were to establish a forum for interaction between BCC management and NGOs, to enhance goodwill and establish structures to improve communication between the Council and NGOs as well as to share information on various projects being implemented in the city and identify areas where the Council can enhance its facilitative role.

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