Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Councillors' Allowances Gazetted


By Khumbulani Maphosa

The Ministry of Local Government, Urban and Rural Development has with effect from July gazetted monthly allowances for Councillors for both urban and rural authorities, a move meant to cater for their welfare and motivate them to efficiently and effectively execute their duties in the midst of the prevailing harsh economic environment .

According to a circular sent to all local authorities recently Mayors in the Cities of Bulawayo and Harare will now receive monthly allowances of USD150, Deputy Mayors USD140, Committee Chairpersons USD120 whilst ordinary Councillors will take home USD100. However in all other cities Mayors will pocket USD130 their Deputies USD120 Committee chairpersons USD110 and other councillors will walk homeUSD100 richer.
Mayors and their Deputies in Municipal Councils will get USD120 and 115 respectively while Committee chairpersons and ordinary councillors will take USD110 and 100 respectively.
Chairpersons of Town Councils will now be getting monthly allowances of USD90 their Deputies 80, Committee chairpersons 70 and ordinary councillors USD60. Chairpersons of Local Boards will however have to contend with USD70 a month whilst their Deputies USD60, Committee chairpersons USD50 and ordinary Councillors USD40.

The situation is however bleaker in Rural District Councils as the Chairpersons are expected to be happy pocketing a paltry allowance of USD50, their Deputies USD45, while Committee chairpersons and ordinary Councillors have to settle for a meagre USD40 and USD35 respectively.

This issue has been a contentious one with some people arguing that when one is chosen to serve the people at a local level, they are not supposed to be paid for that as they are elected for the job. Howver, on the other hand, the Councillors have always requested for some allowances for their job.

What are your views? do you think they should be paid or not?


Tim said...

I'm fascinated by what you are doing. I'm a Mennonite pastor who has lived in Zimbabwe from 1997-2000. My family and I would like to return for several months next year and work together with a peace/justice/reconciliation organization in any way that help might be needed. I have tried to send you an email, but it bounced back. ( Can you update your email, or let me know what is your current email? Thank you. Tim Kuepfer, pastor, Peace Mennonite Church, Richmond, BC.

Tim said...

One more comment. If you simply reply to this comment, it should be emailed to me. Thanks again.