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Habakkuk Trust under its Local Level Capacity Building Programme carried out extensive consultations with Local leadership in Gwanda Ward 2. These consultations were followed by training workshops in Dambashoko, Datata-Silikwe and Zhukwe areas and public meetings in these areas. It was during these two stages of the programme that issues pertaining to the ward were raised. The issue of educational infrastructure came out as a matter of concern which needed urgent attention.


Dambashoko Primary School
The school was built in 1933 and has four (4) blocks
The community concerns were as follows:

• The school is old and the walls are falling
• Some classroom blocks do not have windows
• Grade zero pupils learn under a tree.
• The existing blocks are being shared between secondary school children and primary school children.
• Inadequate cottages for teachers, primary and secondary school teachers are sharing the same cottages.
• Furniture is not enough for pupils they learn sitting on the floor.
• The school office is too small and insecure; money, records and exam papers for both primary and secondary school are kept in the same office.
• Books are lost and furniture is broken as school children move furniture from classes.

In view of the above concerns the community needs are as follows;

• 2 additional classroom blocks be built
• Administration block with shelves
• 3 cottages with five rooms each are shared by both secondary and primary school teachers.
• Furniture for Grades (zero-seven) chairs, tables benches desks.
• Cabinets to secure confidential information and exam papers

Assistance needed for building

• Cement, brick force, Damp Coarse
• Roofing material, trusses, asbestos and the nails.
• Window frames, window panes and air vents putty
• Door frames, doors and lock sets.
• black and white paint

Community contributions

• Brick making,
• Pit sand, river sand,
• Quarry
• Water
• Manpower

Datata Silikwe

Datata Primary School

Datata Primary school was built in 1951 and has 2 classroom blocks. The school has 190 children and 5 teachers. An additional block is at foundation level. Teachers have 2 cottages.

Community concerns were as follows:

• Grade one to seven share four classes.
• Children traveling long distances to better schools
• Teachers’ cottages are far from the school and are shared between male and female teachers this limits their freedoms and is morally improper.

Assistance needed

The community has built a block to foundation level and need assistance to complete the block.

Materials needed

• Cement
• Window frames and panes
• Doors and locks
• Damp coarse and brick force
• Air vents and wire
• Paint
• Roofing, trusses, asbestos, nails,

Community contributions

• Manpower
• Bricks
• Pit sand
• River sand
• Water

Zhukwe East and West

Wilikisa Primary School

The school was established in 2002 during the fast track land reform programme. The school comprises of one incomplete block. The school has an enrolment of 133 pupils with 4 teachers.

The community concerns were as follows:

• Enrolment has declined as a result of pupils learning in the open
• Teachers have left the school for better areas as they complained of eye complications due to exposure to the sun.
• Some pupils complain of similar eye complications as well.
• Grade zero, one and two learn at a nearby church, whilst grades four to seven share this incomplete structure.
• Learning and teaching becomes difficult as this confuses pupils.
• The teachers have no cottages they are housed at the local business centre.
• The structure that was built has no floor, windows, and roofing.

In view of the above concerns the community proposed that:

The school’s one block be completed

• The above block needs: cement for the floor, 2 door frames. 20 window frames, putty and window panes.
• 18 trusses,15 by 9 rafters, 22 air vents, 84 by 3.3 meters asbestos sheets, 28 ridges and asbestos nails
• The school also needs 3 additional blocks including administration block
• 2 teacher’s cottages of F.14 Plan.

Assistance needed:

• Damp coarse
• Brick force
• Door frames and doors four per block and lock sets
• Window frames putty and panes
• Cement
• Air vents
• Roofing material
• Funds for the builders
• School furniture
• White wash paint
• Perimeter fence and gates

Community Contributions:

• Labour
• Bricks, pit sand and river sand
• 40 by 3.3m asbestos sheets
• 4 interior doors
• 22 benches
• 25 double desks
• 20 single desks

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