Friday, May 4, 2012


Habakkuk Trust MANGWE: Izimnyama (Ward 12) community in Plumtree district lying in Matabeleland South Province has challenged most of the communities in Matabeleland Region by its development efforts. It has since proved to be a development oriented community, with a high potential of bringing positive change to the lives of its villagers. Lack of basic service delivery in the community is soon to be history, as the process of constructing a clinic and a recreational centre has already gathered momentum. The mobilization of resources has been done by the entire community with support from the local now based in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Botswana. Resources like cement, bricks, barbed wire among other things have since been mobilized. The Ward 12 Councilor Mr. Edward Masisa Ndlovu told Habakkuk Trust that “Izimnyama community is development oriented with the capacity to drive own development issues through its local resources’’. The Councilor praised the community members for the effort they are showing in bringing their project to a success. However the major challenge which is drawing back development processes is the unavailability of water. Councilor Ndlovu emphasized that, “water is generally our major problem in this area. However, we have since sourced a few water bowsers which will ferry water from Plumtree town”. Councilor Masisa Ndlovu is part of the community members that received capacity building in advocacy and development facilitated by Habakkuk Trust in 2011. He was also trained by Habakkuk Trust on the concepts of citizen participation, development and peace-building together with other Mangwe Rural District Councilors in the same year. Currently, he and the Habakkuk Trust Ward 12 Community Advocacy Action Team have been instrumental in advocating for access to water in the area so as to ensure the smooth running of other community projects.